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Mari Holzer Curtains, 2017-02-14 21:11:49. One thing to remember about a bay window is that it is usually made of three windows, which are joined together to form a huge window. It is fixed in such a manner that it allows light to stream in from different angles. With bay windows you can choose to decorate the window in a manner that you find pleasing. Use accents that enhance the design of the windows. While with normal windows, hanging curtains can be an extremely easy task, with bay windows you need to be slightly more careful while hanging window treatments. When hanging curtains for bay windows it is important that you treat the windows not as three different sections but as one unit. Otherwise, there are possibilities that the window will look overcrowded and overdone. There are many different options that you can use. You can choose to install valances with blinds as that will ensure that you have privacy when you want. Another option that you can opt for, and which is the option that we will be discussing in this article, is hanging curtains on the bay windows. The first and foremost thing that you should do before hanging the curtains is to decide how you would want to hang the curtains. You could either choose to treat each section of the window as a separate entity or use a specially made bay curtain rod that covers the entire window. As mentioned before, we suggest that instead of using three different curtain rods, use a single bay window curtain rod. But, if you decide on the former, then the curtain rods on the outside need to be hung at the same height while the curtain rod in the middle needs to be placed slightly higher. If you choose the latter option of having only one bay curtain rod, you will need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to figure out how to hang the rods. Most of these specially designed rods come with hardware. All you will need to do is drill holes to secure the rod in its place. With three different sections you can choose to play around with textures for the curtains and also the designs on the fabrics. With bay window curtains you can choose to use one single window covering for the entire bay window. Once you have chosen the fabrics that you want and picked out your curtains, you can easily hang them by sliding the curtains onto the rods and then hanging the rods along the windows. Ensure that you adjust the curtains properly so that they hang evenly. If you want, you can choose to add tie backs for accentuation. If you want to hide your curtain rods, you can always choose to install valances which not only help camouflage the rods but also enhance the appearance of the bay window. You can also choose to use decorative curtain rods instead of normal ones as that will add to the beauty of the bay windows. To hang bay window curtains is an extremely easy task and now that you know how to hang them, you should have no problem doing the same for your house. Bay windows in a room make a beautiful focal point. They can be decorated beautifully in many ways. One can keep the window treatment light with some light organdy curtains or make it look really rich with some swag valances. So, it all depends upon the homeowner. However, certain things should be kept in mind when selecting a window covering for bay windows. First and foremost to consider is the home decor. Always, choose the colors for curtains or drapes for bay windows, such that they go with the present home dcor. Also, if you like, you can have fabric material for the bay window that allows some light to pass. Light curtains are good if you want some natural light to pass, or select rich velvety draperies if you don't want any light to pass. Also if the bay window is in a high traffic room like kitchen or the living room, then consider the fabric which is easy to clean. Versatile Tap Top Curtains: If you want simple yet versatile bay window treatment then consider tab top curtains. These are very easy to put curtains as they have a tab at top in which you slide over the curtain rod. The curtain rod can be seen through the spaces of the tabs. They look very casual. You can use a neutral shade like gray or beige so that it goes with the rest of the dcor. Light Sheers Curtains: For a breezy looking window covering consider using sheer curtains. They are translucent fabrics which are very light and come in various colors. Though, white looks the best. You can buy plain sheers or buy sheers which have some lace work at the ends. Sheers can be placed alone on the bay window rods or you can accompany them with swag valance. Swags, Cascades and Sheers: You can combine swags, cascades and sheers together to create a rich and traditional looking bay window treatment. Silk is a popular material used to create swags. So, first place the sheers and then install swags and cascades for a classic look. Cafe Curtains: These curtains are especially popular for kitchen space. They are a great way to add color and some privacy. You can select some bright color stripped pattern cafe curtains. These curtains are placed inside of the window frame through the midsection of the window, then on top a valance can be added of the same fabric. French Pleat Drapes: French pleat curtains look beautiful and have at triple pleat section which are pinched together at the bottom so that they spread out at the top area. These curtains for bay windows look beautiful when a shiny rich fabric is used. Keep them touching the floor for a romantic look. Tie-Back Curtains: These are easy to use and install curtains. You can use luxe curtains or any other unique looking patterned fabric to create tie-back curtains. These window covering are easy to use and look beautiful and rich when done properly. You can also consider window blinds and shades as bay window coverings if you like. There are various types of blinds and shades from which you can choose. These were the various types and ideas on bay window coverings. Whenever, buying the curtains or drapes for your bay window, make sure you select the appropriate rod too. Certain type of window covering need specific curtain rods, so make sure you buy the right one. To make a house a home, you need to pay close attention to the dcor of the rooms. Window treatment has a big role to play in the ambiance and look of a room. The right choice of window treatment will make a room look fresh and help in creating the atmosphere that you are looking for. Most home owners have a hard time finding the perfect modern drapes that complements the dcor of the house. If you too are encountering such problems, then you should consider making your own curtains and drapes. Making drapes might sound intimidating, but with a bit of planning and good designing, you can make drapes that will be stunning. The most important thing to remember while designing drapes yourself is to select the best fabrics for drapes with a great pattern. Choose a pattern of fabric that complements the rest of the dcor of the room. If you have a dramatic piece of furniture in the room like a loveseat or a chaise lounge, match the color of the drapes to the color of the furniture. Choose light colored and sheer drapes if you want to give the room an airy atmosphere and darker and heavier drapes for a formal room. Sheer drapes gives a room an airy atmosphere and is a good choice for the living room or patio. To make sheer curtains with ribbon trimming, first you need to measure the length and width of the windows and then purchase sheer fabric accordingly. Choose a color that complements the wall paint of the room. Also purchase wide organza ribbons in a color that matches or contrasts with the color of the sheer fabric. Once you have all the supplies at hand, cut the sheer fabric according to the dimensions of the windows and then hem the edges on a sewing machine. Once you are done sewing the edges of the sheer fabric, cut the organza ribbons to the same length as that of the curtain, adding about 7 inches for the top of the curtain. Sew the organza ribbons lengthwise along the edges of the sheer curtain, leaving the 7 inch excess ribbon hanging from the top. Cut two more ribbons in the same dimensions and sew them at equal intervals along the length of the drapes. Fold the 7 inch of the ribbons hanging from the top of the curtains to create tabs. Your sheer drapes are ready and all you need to do is hang them on a curtain rod by the tabs. Sometimes by just adding interesting embellishments to old drapes, you can transform them completely. To make stenciled window drapes, you will need old drapes in a solid color, stencil, paintbrush and paint. You can make your own stencil by tracing out a design on card paper and then cutting out the pattern. If making your own stencil sounds too risky to you, then you can download a pattern from the internet. Once you have chosen your stencil, place the drape over a table lined with old newspaper. Next, place the stencil over the drape and tape the stencil in place with masking tape. Apply the paint over the stencil with the paintbrush and allow the paint to dry completely. Remove masking tape and then carefully remove the stencil from the drape. Place the stencil over the fabric again and follow the same steps as before. Once you are done stenciling the entire fabric, your new transformed drapes are ready. If you are wondering how to make drapes for windows that are gorgeous and one of a kind, without spending too much, then this idea will work very well for you. Purchase plain drapes in a neutral hue like off white or navy blue. Gather different sized and colored buttons and arrange them in a starburst pattern over the drapes. Glue the buttons in place with the help of fabric glue and allow them to dry. This will make an excellent drape for a kids bedroom or playroom. These were too interesting ideas for making drapes at home. If you are new at sewing, then adding ribbons, lace and other embellishments to plain store bought curtains is a great way to customize your drapes. The right window treatments can enhance the look of a room so choose them with care. Now that you know how to make drapes, you can say goodbye to boring and expensive store bought drapes and make them yourself at home. Sliding glass doors are standard fixtures as patio entrances. They provide elegance to the overall ambiance of your home and act as space-saving alternatives, compared to conventional open and shut doors. While they provide a great view of your patio, they can also rob you of your privacy at times. Also, in summer time, with the Sun bearing down, glass doors (unless they are tinted), tend to bring in too much of direct sunlight. One of the simplest solutions, that can achieve the goal of protecting your privacy, as well as keep the insides cool by creating a sunlight buffer, is to install curtains. If you have any experience with sewing curtains, you will know that the right measurements make all the difference. Curtains need to be precisely tailored to cover a window or a door. Neither can they be too long, nor too short. Hence, it's absolutely essential that the curtains are measured properly. Rightly measured curtains that fit nicely, look neat and proportioned. The thermal barrier that these curtains create, helps in keeping your house cool. It goes without saying that you need a tape measure for the operation, as it can provide you with a standardized measurement. You could either opt for a plastic tape, that is exclusively designed for tailoring measurements or a steel tape which can provide you with a much more accurate measure. If the doors are considerably large in size, you may need an elevated stool to reach the top of the doors for measurement purpose. The measurement that you need to make is extremely simple in essence. All you have to do is measure the height and width of the door. One vertical and one horizontal measurement is all you need. Firstly, you can make the height measurement. The height of the curtain will extend from the rod installed over the door, to the floor. So, if you already have a rod in place, measure the distance between the rod center and the floor accurately. Make sure that the tape isn't bent when making this measurement. If you haven't installed a rod yet, make a pencil mark at the place where the rod center would be and measure the total length in centimeters or feet, from that point to the floor. From this height measurement, subtract an inch or two, so that the curtains don't drag on the floor and there is some amount of gap left there. Once you are done with the height measurement, width measurement is simple. Just measure the distance between the border ends of the sliding glass door and add ten inches to the measurement, to get the width of the curtains, that you'll get tailored. This is to ensure that the curtains cover the door properly. This concludes your measurement project. You can supply the dimensions of the curtain to the tailor, whom you are handing over the job to. As suggested before, make sure that you lessen the height measurement for the curtain by an inch or more, so that some degree of clearance is left at the bottom. Also, it's a good idea to make the width of the curtain to be a bit more than the exact measurement of the sliding door, to ensure that it covers the door fully. Designing a bathroom in the best way and adding the best decor to finish its look is what many people crave. Many bathrooms have windows that can add an airy element to its interior design. Adding the right window treatment in order to spice up the bathing space is quite essential. This not only gives a beautiful look to the area, but also adds that much-needed privacy element to the area. So, why not add lovely curtains to the bathroom window? Adding this new element will instantly brighten up the appearance of a dull area. So, ready to revamp your bathrooms with classy fabrics? Here are some ideas that will help you in the project. Opaque drapes are amongst the top picks when it comes to covering up the bathroom windows. They offer complete privacy. Moreover, with thick drapes you can have a solid color that compliments rest of the bathroom decor. What's more, you can play up the window treatment with fancy valances and various pleated patterns of curtains. With a wide range of designs and fabrics, you can easily find opaque curtains and drapes for adorning the bathroom windows. Make sure that you have the tie back ropes to hold these back when required. Sheers are a fave of many individuals and interior designers. These are commonly chosen for small bathrooms in places where complete privacy is not an essential factor. Many a time, sheers are used to cover just the lower half of a window. This is especially done when a bathtub is placed besides the window. Well, again you can add valances to the top part of the frame and grace the lower half with sheers. Choose from a range of soft colors or metallic sheers that will give a cool touch to the bathroom. You can also grab the lace curtains and other lovely semi-transparent pieces that make the prettiest curtains. With waterproof curtains, you have a perfect cover that doesn't get damaged due to water spills that are very common in this area. Moreover, with their increasing popularity, you can find a wide variety in terms of colors and designs. Choose the funky retro pieces or an elegant contemporary fabric, both are sure to look awesome. Let me tell you that choosing a good quality piece is essential even if you are grabbing the water resistant piece. Cheap pieces can ruin the look of this space. Apart from the aforementioned options, you can also find vinyl curtains. Well, these are not a great pick, although you can find them at extremely low rates. They are not durable and will not help give a fresh look to the space. These can be still considered if you are looking for a temporary solution to cover up the windows. So, get set to add up one of the best curtains and you will realize that just this single element is enough to transform your dull bathroom's look. Choose from the aforementioned options and pick the colors according to the effect you want to have. Electrifying and hot or sober and cool? Well, this factor completely depends upon personal choice. So, are you ready to grace the bathroom windows with beautiful curtains? Treatments for large windows are versatile and one of the best choice is decking up with pinch pleat curtains. The dense pleats cascading down from the window add an entirely different character to the interiors of a house. The windows and the rooms appear to be amplified virtually in terms of dimensions when adorned with pinch pleat curtains. Moreover, when hung with exquisite designs of metallic curtain rods, they appear much more defined and gorgeous. Customizing curtains and drapes for your house becomes an interesting job only if you are truly eager to beautify it according to your own choice.

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Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Glass Door Curtain Ideas Stunning Sheet Curtains Designs For Classic Room Beautiful Sheet Home Decoration Ideas Stunning Sliding Door Curtains Glass Door Curtain Ideas Sliding Glass Door Drapes Rosela 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Door Panel Curtains Lowes Stunning Sliding Door Curtains Unusual Ideas Door Panel Curtain Stunning Design Patio Door Curtain Panels Charismatic Sliding Glass Door Curtains Cheap Pretty Sliding Door Cu 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Gorgeous Sliding Door Vertical Blinds Curtains Unique Sliding Door Double Curtain Rod Glorious Sliding Shower Door Vs Curtain Famous Sliding Door Curtains With Valance Formidable Tab Top Sliding Door 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Astounding Sliding Door Curtains White Gratifying Sliding Door Curtain Rod Length Fantastic Sliding Door Curtains For Kitchen Engaging Sliding Door Curtains Pottery Barn Exotic Sliding Door Curtains 1 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Dazzle Sliding Door Curtains Images Exquisite Sliding Door Burlap Curtains Brilliant Vw T5 Sliding Door Curtains Ideal Sliding Glass Door Curtains Draw Stimulating Sliding Glass Door Curtains Lowes E 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Sweet Sliding Glass Door Curtains Or Blinds Brilliant Vw T5 Sliding Door Curtains Surprising Measuring Sliding Door For Curtains Shining Sliding Glass Door Grommet Curtains Dramatic Sliding Glass Doo 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Stunning Sliding Door Curtains Blinds For French Doors And Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors Suitable Sliding Door Curtain Width Enrapture Sliding Door Curtain Rail Eye Catching Sliding Door Curtains De 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Three Panel Sliding Glass Door Stunning Sliding Door Curtains Stunning Fleetwood Closet Door Rollers Roselawnlutheran Shining Sliding Glass Door Grommet Curtains Great Sliding Glass Door Curtain Hardw 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Slider Curtains For Office Stunning Sliding Door Curtains Stunning Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors With Vertical Blinds Trendy Inexpensive Sliding Door Curtains Inviting Sliding Door Curtain Rod Size 1Curtains:Sliding Door Curtains Patio Door Curtains Stunning Sliding Door Curtains Sliding Door And Curtains More Gratify Sliding Door Curtains Bed Bath And Beyond Trendy Sliding Door Country Curtains Winsome Sliding Door Curtain Tr 1

Corina Marisol Curtains, 2017-02-15 11:11:47. So, if you don't find the bamboo rods you are looking for, you can easily make them yourself to match your taste. You may use antique fittings for darker colored rods, or lighter fittings if you are using them in their natural form. Use this eco-friendly material in your home decor, and see the difference it makes to the overall appearance of your room.

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Whetu Haanraads Curtains, 2017-02-14 18:11:46. By using curtain holdbacks you can jazz up a room that's lost its spark. And it will take very little time ' unless you can't decide which of the many styles you want!

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Marisol Mac Curtains, 2017-02-15 15:11:45. When buying, it is recommended to give preference to durability and the material of the blinds. Also check for the proper functioning of the cord to roll up the blinds. When closed, the blinds must also shut out the light completely. With the variety of options available in the market, you are sure to find the one you are looking for.

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